Adventures in cheesecake

Remember in exams you would get points for showing your working? Even if you didn’t get the correct answer? Well, that’s exactly what this series is all about. Learning to make new dishes takes time and quite a bit of trial and error so here I’ll talk about the fails as well as the successes. […]

WTF is….Seitan

Seitan is on a lot of menus in the city, usually as a burger, but what actually is it and how can you use it in your cooking? Put simply, seitan is the OG of meat alternatives. It’s wheat gluten mixed with a shed load of flavors to create a slab of delicious meat alternative. […]

WTF Is…Lecithin

I first came across lecithin as an ingredient when making cashew cheesecakes but had no idea what it was.  Cue a montage of research to get this little guide together. WHAT IS LECITHIN? Lecithin is a phospholipid, a type of fat, that is often used as an additive. WHY WOULD I ADD IT TO A […]

What is the right to food?

Find out more about the right to food, Scotland’s current position and its vision for the future. WHAT IS THE RIGHT TO FOOD? The right to food is a set of principles that would guide the Government on how to manage our country’s food system so that it works better for every person in Scotland. […]

Banana, peanut butter and coconut milk smoothie


I say post-workout but I’d drink this when I haven’t worked out at all, to be honest. It fills me up so much and is one of my favourite ways to use my protein powder. This recipe is enough for one glass, but just double it up if you feel like sharing. Print With ImageWithout […]

Chocolate and hazelnut energy balls

Energy balls

I’m a fan of any recipe that takes less than 20 minutes to make and these are up there as a favourite. Not only are they fast to prepare, they also keep in the fridge/freezer for at least a couple of weeks. If I’m going to do a long cycle session (on the turbo right […]

Banana, walnut and dark chocolate banana bread

Banana bread

When you write the word ‘banana’, does you always sing the line from Gwen Steffani’s Hollaback Girl? I think I’d spell it wrong every time if it weren’t for that song. Anyway, moving on. Confession. I don’t like bananas. Not on their own anyway. There’s something about the texture that just doesn’t do it for […]

Sweet potato quesadilla

Print With ImageWithout Image Sweet Potato Quesadilla Servings 4 Author Kurius Prep time 10 Min Cook time 20 Min Total time 30 Min It might be a bit of a stretch calling this a quesadilla, using sweet potato doesn’t make for the most traditional form of this Mexican treat. But with no cheese, the potato […]

Deceiving coconut teacake

This recipe is a house tradition. It came from one of those old recipe books your parents and grandparents used. You know, it was an actual printed book, on paper,  all dog-eared and stained from ingredients spillage. Half of the pages were probably hanging loose because it’d been used so much. Ah, the memories. This […]

Aquafaba protein pancakes

My absolute favourite treat is pancakes. Always has been, always will be. So when my birthday rolled around and we needed some lockdown-style celebrations, I made sure they were on the menu. To be fair, pancakes are on my menu most days of the week… These pancakes are special because they use Aquafaba, the water […]