Running the Lockdown 33 Ultra

This article with written for and published in Ultrarunning World. Impulsiveness: a tendency to act on a whim, displaying behaviour characterised by little or no forethought, reflection, or consideration of the consequences. That accurately sums up every running challenge I’ve set myself. I can’t overstate how much I never thought I’d run any sort of […]

Training Update: 5 Weeks To Go

Why was last week so bad? I’m not the only one who thought so. Seems like a lot of people felt rubbish. Maybe it was the ticking over of a new month and realising we’ve been in a life holding pattern for nearly a year, or that we found out lockdown will be extended until […]

Zwift is for life, not just for winter (or global pandemics)

There’s a place upstairs in our house. It’s scary. When you enter, what greets you is an endless sea of ‘stuff’. Even a passing glance at it stresses me out. Half filled boxes of crap that haven’t been touched since we moved in, an old sofa, a fridge, camping gear, sewing machine bobbins strewn on […]

A Sunrise dip for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day I decided to get involved in the sunrise swim at Portobello beach and help raise money for Women’s Aid. It sounded simple. Make a donation, strip to your swimsuit, run in for a dip then back out and get dressed. In 2019, the event had around 70 swimmers, but this year […]

The Barcelona half marathon – post race thoughts

It’s taken me a couple of days to process the Barcelona half marathon and come to a conclusion about my experience. The whole thing was a huge mix of emotions. I’d be flying high one minute and absolutely down in the dumps the next. I’ve realised that there wasn’t a single reason why, just a lot […]

Does slow and steady win the race?

Last week felt like the classic tale about The Tortoise and The Hare.  This comparison is slightly tenuous, but roll with it for now, ok?… When running, I’m usually the hare. I want to get stuff done and tick it off the list. The quicker the better. And you know when he takes the nap […]

The Paris 2020 marathon. And so it begins…

Staring at the checkout page having read all the information and signed the waivers for the Paris marathon. Finger hovering over the trackpad ready to press the ‘submit’ button. I feel so nervous that my stomach is in knots. I can’t decide if I want to laugh or cry. I want to cry. I think […]

On doing the Simply Health Gateshead 10km wrong

This race was a last minute addition to my calendar because it happened to fall on a weekend I was in ‘The Toon’. The course was…good. I’ll admit, I wasn’t overly excited with the first 3km as we wound around industrial estates, but once we got down to the river and ran past the Baltic […]

How running made me fall back in love with music

When I was younger I LOVED music. I’d get sent CD’s from PR agencies to review for websites (back before blogs were even a thing) and make time for two or three gigs a week. Music constantly filled my bedroom at home and my headphones when on the move. The inside of CD booklets were […]

Kilomathon musings

A little over a year ago, my pal Kirsty mentioned over dinner that she wanted to run a 10km. Without thinking, as usual, I said I was also up for it, then had serious indigestion and regret. Running’s never excited me. I’d dabbled with obstacle course 10km’s years ago and done a few KM’s on […]