the main event

Mac and G’s

This dish ain’t trying to be someone else. Mac and G’s is smoky, paprika-y, can have as much heat as you fancy using chipotle flakes and is damn delicious. This recipe serves four people or two gluttonous souls who can’t stop going back for more.

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Sweet Potato And Tofu Katsu Curry

This is the one. THE.ONE. It takes about an hour, but, you could make a batch of the sauce and freeze it. My favourite part is actually the tofu and sweet potato pieces. Dunked in an oat milk and flour mixture before being coated in a spiced panko crumb mix…

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Cauliflower pizza dough

The best cauliflower pizza base

I think we’ve cracked it. I LOVE this pizza base. Not only is it really tasty, but it’s also got crunch and structure, so you can pick up a slice without it crumbling.

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Aquafaba protein pancakes

My absolute favourite treat is pancakes. Always has been, always will be. So when my birthday rolled around and we needed some lockdown-style celebrations, I

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Air-fryer nachos

These loaded nachos don’t even make it to a plate, they get eaten straight from the tray. To make these beauties you will need an

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WTF is...

eating plant-based means you might come across new terminology, ingredients and cooking processes. It’s exciting (promise), but if you feel a bit lost, WTF Is… might just help you out.