The sweet stuff

Custard Cream

Dairy-free custard creams

How did it take me until now to realise how easy it is to make my own, diary-free custard creams. An absolute favourite as a child, I’m so happy to have these back in my life. I’ve got a batch made to eat, and dough frozen on standby to top up.

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Vegan scones

I make scones most days. If there’s not some in the cake stand in the kitchen, be sure that I’ll be replenishing soon. It’s one of those recipes I know from memory. I’d like to try it with a different butter and see if there’s any difference, but so far they are a solid 9/10.

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WTF is...

eating plant-based means you might come across new terminology, ingredients and cooking processes. It’s exciting (promise), but if you feel a bit lost, WTF Is… might just help you out.